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On Being A Non-Profit

The Fine Print Theatre is incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the state of Illinois. We are working toward our federal 501(c)(3) non-profit status. This means we will be exempt from paying taxes and your donations will qualify you for a tax write-off. (This status is retroactive for the 27 months prior to approval. So you can donate now and write off later.)

Professional theatre companies are almost always non-profit organizations. Even very established companies are usually only able to cover about half of their operating expenses through ticket sales. The rest comes from grants from government and private organizations, corporate underwriting and individual donors.

In fact, to qualify for federal tax exemption, an organization must demonstrate that it is capable of drawing on a wide base of funding. As a brand new company, we don’t qualify for most grant or underwriting support. It is individual donors, like you, that are the key to our success.

Our Donors

It is individual donors like you that are the key to our success. The following is our way of saying thank you.

Erika Baroman
Colin Beaumier
Frederick Ford Beckley
Andrew Bell
Susan & Lauren Bodie
Janice Carlson
Jeanette Cesaretti
Susan Chambers
Nicholas Combs
Tim Dunn
Dana Elisius
Steven Engel
Emily Fenbert
Erin Fiedler
Cheryl Freye
Matthew Green
Richard Greenberg
Michael Hammond
Teri Hopkins
Brian Kinaschuk
Christopher Kinaschuk
Laura Kint
Nate Krasner
Alex Lubischer
Sharon Milosovic
Jacob Moore
Doug Oliphant
Donald Pasulka
Alexis Randolph
Lance Richards
Christopher Root
Jean Routt
Delia Ryan
Peter Sanok
Meg Saricks
Sue Stephenson
Marya Ursin
Erica Weiss
Erin Wiggins
Katherine Wilkinson
Claudia Wiseman
Patrick Zufan

A special thank you to all the anonymous donors who came out to our first gala and fundraising event at Paris Club on July 11, 2011.

The Newsroom ($250 and above)

David Himmel

The Reporters ($500 and above)

The Seen
Zach Smith
Sid & Barbara Sobel

The Editors’ Desk ($750 and above)


The Publishers’ Circle ($1,000 and above)

Marilou Barden

Want To See Your Name On This List?

So do we!


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