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At Ease

At Ease



Heather Bodie & Emily Gann


Patrick Kenney


September 9 – October 11, 2011


The Viaduct Theater
3111 N Western Ave

There is a letter for Arthur, my husband

In the spring of 2010, Sergeant Kurt Michael Garret was injured in an explosion in Afghanistan. He was driving the lead Humvee of a Marine Regiment on a routine surveillance mission. His vehicle rolled over an IED, which detonated, shattering his leg and killing the Marine seated next to him, Corporal Benjamin Lee Swanson.

Serving together in the U.S. Marine Corps, Ben and Kurt had trusted each other with their lives. As Ben lay dying by the side of the road, he asked Kurt for one last favor and revealed a secret he had kept from his friend. “There is a letter for Arthur, my husband.”

Now, a year later, Kurt is at home. Injured and showing signs of PTSD, Kurt has had a hard time adjusting and reconnecting with his wife Claire. Emotionally, he’s trapped in that fateful day in Afghanistan.

And he still has the letter. Unable to accept his friend’s double-life, Kurt has yet to visit Arthur. Racked with guilt, Kurt knows he is the only one who can deliver the terrible news to Arthur that his partner is gone. There is something else holding Kurt back and forcing him to relive the past, at night in his kitchen.

Ben has followed him home.

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Heather Bodie
Emily Gann


Adam Stephenson
Keith Falconer
Robyn Coffin
Carlos Rogelio Diaz

Production Team

Director – Patrick Kenney
Stage Manager – Sydney Ray
Tech Director – Amanda Rozmiarek
Master Electrician – Chris Chapin
Set Designer – Mike Mroch
Lighting Designer – Jarrod Bainter
Costume Designer – Katie Cordts
Props Designer – Cheryl Hinman
Sound Designer – Adam Gramling